Scrap ​Metal Crusher

Processing capacity: 1-200t/h

Feeding size: customized on demand

Applicable materials of scrap metal crusher: tinplate, waste household appliances, car shells, metal scraps, engine shells, waste castings, metal briquettes, pig iron, cast iron, gearboxes, machine cast iron, radiators, raw aluminum, cans, flower boxes, paint buckets, color steel tiles, thin iron sheets, and other lightweight materials. 

Applicable areas: scrap recycling, scrap metal recycling, scrap car dismantling, scrap home appliance recycling, etc.


Scrap ​Metal Crusher

Introduction to Scrap Metal Crusher Machine

Metal crusher is mainly used to crush tinplate, waste household appliances, car shells, metal scraps, engine shells, waste castings, metal briquettes, pig iron, cast iron, gearboxes, machine cast iron, radiators, raw aluminum, cans, flower boxes, paint buckets, color steel tiles, thin iron sheets, and other lightweight materials.

The crushed materials made by scrap metal hammer crusher equipment are with high density and high purity, and they are with no impurities after being processed by other metal separation equipment (eddy current, magnetic separator, etc.). The crushed materials can be re-smelted into new product, with low energy consumption, high output and good comprehensive economy. The waste metal crushing machine is ideal crushing equipment for foundries and large and medium-sized iron and steel plants.


Metals are valuable materials that can be recycled again and again without degrading their properties. Scrap metal has value, which motivates people to collect it for sale to recycling operations. In addition to a financial incentive, there is also an environmental imperative. The recycling of metals enables us to preserve natural resources while requiring less energy to process than the manufacture of new products using virgin raw materials. 

More importantly, it saves money and allows manufacturing businesses to reduce their production cost. Recycling also creates jobs.

metal crusher

Working Principle of Scrap Metal Crusher for Sale

Driven by a high-speed and high-torque motor, hammers on the rotor of the scrap metal crusher machine crush the scrap metal into the crushing cavity in turns. Under the strong impact, the scrap metal will be torn, hammered and kneaded into clumps scrap. After crushed scrap metal being processed by sorting equipment, we will get scrap metal with high quality and higher purity.


Crushing Process of Metal Crushing Machine

In the scrap metal crusher machine or metal recycling machine, there are a set of discs fixed on the main shaft and hammers assembled between the discs, that can swing freely. Driven by kinetic energy generated by high-speed rotation, the hammers crush, tear, and rub the scrap metal into lumps and balls, and crushed materials will pass through the screen at the bottom or top to drop on the vibrating feeder. The crushed scrap metal with larger size will be crushed again by the rotating rotor discs and hammers in the hammer metal crusher until they can pass through the screen.


Advantages of Scrap Metal Crusher Machine

1. Simple structure, stable running, low noise, less dust, large crushing ratio, uniform crushed sizes.

2. Metal crushing machine has advantages of electric forced feeding and combined crushing hammers with throwing hammer and ring hammer, which increases the efficiency of 5%-15% compared with ordinary scrap metal crushers.

3. PLC control system and hydraulic power system help the intelligent crushing work, which saves time and effort, and the operation of the metal recycling equipment is clear at a screen.

metal crusher

4. The scrap metal crushing machine is with safe and reliable lubrication system, convenient parts replacement and simple equipment maintenance.

5. The body of our large metal crusher is made of extra-thick steel plate and diagonal braces, and liner and hammers are processed by heat treatment to naturally eliminate stress, with more stable chemical composition, so service life of our scrap metal crusher for sale is increased by more than 30%.

6. The scrap metal crusher machine is designed with a safety gate. If unbreakable material enters into the crushing chamber, the operator can open the safety gate and discharge it out of the machine to avoid damage to the scrap metal crusher.

In addition, we are manufacturer, if you need to sort non-ferrous metals such as copper and aluminum, non-ferrous metal eddy current sorting machine can be equipped; if wind sorting is required, a winnowing system can be installed; and if dust removal is required, a dust removal system can be installed.



If you have any other requirement, please feel free to contact us, thank you.


Model Power Application Rotating speed Capacity
Oversize (mm) Weight (t)
YXJ-800 37-55 Cans, thin iron, light metal 1250 0.7-1 3800*1600*1800 3.2
YXJ-1000 45-75 Small metal packing, cans, scrap metal 1250 0.8-1.5 2560*1800*2200 7.6
YXJ-1300 90-150 Medium-sized scrap metal blocks such as bicycles, motorcycles, and battery cars 860 2-4 4000*3500*3200 11.5-26
YXJ-1600 200-280 Medium-sized scrap metal blocks such as automobile cutting parts and paint buckets 750 4-6 4800*4000*3800 16.6-35
YXJ-1800 220-450 Scrapped large scrap metal blocks 650 6-10 4800*4100*4000 32-48
YXJ-2000 315-630 Scrapped large scrap metal blocks 650 8-12 5000*4500*4300 35-65
YXJ-2200 500-900 Scrapped large scrap metal blocks 650 15-20 5000*4500*4300 35-65
YXJ-2400 1250-2250 Large metal packing, car shell 650 20-45 6300*4800*4500 85-120
YXJ-2800 1600-3300 All kinds of scrap metal 650 70-100 6400*5200*4800 145-230
YXJ-3000 3300-4400 All kinds of scrap metal 650 110-140 8500*7200*5500 280-760

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